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EUNIS-CZ independent interest Association of legal entities, is politically neutral and does not have any political activity. A member of the Association may be any legal entity that is engaged in the development, implementation, management,..

The aim of the Association is in particular:

EUNIS-CZ is organized

The Association is based on democratic principles. Authorities of the Association are the annual Conference, the Executive Committee and the Technical Commissions. All members of the EUNIS-CZ have the right to participate in the activities of the Association and to participate in the agenda of the Annual conference. All members of the Association are obliged to comply with the statutes of the Association and pay membership dues in the amount set out in the Annual conferences. The amount of the annual membership fee is determined by the Statutes of the EUNIS-CZ. On the change of the amount of the Member's contribution may decide the Annual conference.

EUNIS European Organization and its national branches

Since 1993, there is the European Organisation for University information systems – EUNIS. This organization brings together the individual national organizations with similar objectives as the EUNIS-CZ. For a more detailed description of the EUNIS, their objectives, structures and activities, visit the EUNIS http://www.eunis.org.



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